Sunday, September 19, 2010


"Shampain" hands down was the best song at the Marina & the Diamonds show on September 9th at Lincoln Hall in Chicago.

To be honest I have never really given this song the attention it deserves. While endlessly playing my favorites "I am Not a Robot", "Mowgli's Road" and "Obsessions" for months, I had only once listened to "Shampain."

The energy Marina evokes while performing this song made it easily the greatest crowd pleaser. If you get the chance to see Marina, you have to go. She does not disappoint. And, I got the feeling I was watching a pre-Gaga Stefani Germanotta, which was quite neat.
Literally days after my concert-enduced love affair with this song, Marina released this excellent Michael Jackson "Thriller" themed video. Check it out below!

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