Wednesday, April 6, 2011

March 6th Album Recap

Today I finished Yo La Tengo's Popular Songs album, which I've decided is not good. Their is one long pretty guitar ambient song called "The Fireside" that's pretty, but otherwise I didn't like any tracks.

Next I listened to Chiddy Bang's The Preview, which like many other hip hop artists these days (Kanye West and B.o.b for example) these guys sample indie artists like MGMT and Passion Pit while rapping over the tracks. On "Opposite of Adults" a play on words from the MGMT "Kids" song on which they sample, the group references The Real World and cast member Svetlana, which I definitely got a kick out of.

I listened to Take That's Progress album which I was surprised that I actually really liked. "The Flood" is a great track, but besides the lead single, there are many other great dance tracks on the album. "Happy Now" and "Kidz" were my favorites.

I took a listen to the first Flo Rida album R.O.O.T.S which features the club hits "Low" and "Right Round." Two songs that never quite made it as big are "Jump" and "Available" but the originals just really aren't that special. It's the remixes that truly make the songs great. The best "Jump" remix is the Malinchak Club Mix and the best "Available" remix is the Benny Banassi one.

My favorite part of the day though was jamming out to the incredible compilation album Rasmus Faber So Far 3. Start to finish the album is jam packed with amazing latin influenced dance tracks featuring gorgeous mostly female lead vocals. A perfect example of the sound of this album is "Demanda (Miguel Migs Main Mix)" Check it out!

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